The Fellow should be an early career lawyer or scientist in the field of human or environmental rights and must already be working or willing to work closely with a Host Organization. In keeping with our September 2021 Report “Re-envisioning Technical Support and What Constitutes “Expertise,” TCI recognizes the importance of valuing a range of expertise and skills which have traditionally been ignored. We also recognize the importance of valuing the knowledge and lived experience of affected communities and advocates (particularly those who have been historically marginalized) who may not possess traditional academic credentials, but whose work is essential to the legal and scientific advocacy that is necessary to protect people and their environment. As such, we are open to Fellows with this kind of knowledge, expertise, and lived experience. Additionally, Fellows can already have the position of Fellow with their Host Organization and can still be a joint TCI Fellow. Fellows cannot have already been a TCI Fellow in the past.


Host Organizations are TCI’s current and occasionally past grantee partners. With their existing Fellowship programs, Host Organizations must be committed to providing bilateral exchange, career development opportunities, and effective mentorship. Host Organizations must be able to support Fellow(s) to pursue their unique projects that address real-life problems while ensuring the alignment between the Fellow’s project and the needs and strategies of the Host Organization. Host Organizations must also have experience and skills supporting individuals with their visa application, relevant travel documents, and other arrangements if required.


The TCI Fellowship Program is a one-year program, but Host Organizations have the authority and flexibility to design the length of the project and their Fellow hosting period based on either their existing Fellowship program structure or a conjunctively agreed-upon timeline. Fellowship funding, ranging from US$10,000 to US$20,000, can complement existing Fellowship funds that a Host Organization is devoting to a Fellow. It can also be allocated as the main resource to effectively host a Fellow. The funds are only dispensed directly to Host Organizations.


Fellowships are provided by invitation only and are ultimately awarded to Host Organizations. TCI accepts Fellowship grant applications twice a year around February and May. Off-cycle requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis to address needs on the ground.

Initial Conversation: Meetings and/or Concept Note submission to determine Host Organization’s Fellowship goals and TCI’s alignment, which may lead to additional requests for information.

Application Period: Open for three (3) weeks starting from when a selected Host Organization receives an official invitation to apply from TCI.

Fellowship Grant Recommendation: Around mid-to-late March (for the February application period) and June (for the May application period), TCI will notify Host Organization of our decision regarding the application.

Touch Point & Fellow-TCI Engagement: i) Introduction Meeting attended by TCI Team, Host Organization, and Fellow; ii) a 3-month check-in attended by TCI Team, Fellow and Host Organization (optional); iii) Pre-Fellowship Conference Gathering attended by TCI Team and Fellow; and iv) Annual TCI Fellowship Conference.