When we prioritize Climate Justice, earth rights, equity, and social justice will thrive. Communities must be the drivers of development which affects their lives, and they can only execute that vision if a Government Is Accountable to Its People. This means that Accountability Must Accompany Access to Remedy and must include consequences for bad actors and justice for communities. This means Building Corporate Accountability Through Information & Tools, including Media as A Tool To Promote Transparency & Accountability and Enhancing Legal & Other Technical Capacities.

When we spend more time listening to grantee partners, trusting them, and engaging in relationship-first partnerships, we are better partners ourselves. This can be truly transformative for advocates as they protect the rights of communities they serve.

Our intellectual capacity and financial support of grantee partners can effectively complement their work through collaboration, technical expertise, and advocacy.

How We View Our Theory of Change

  • We believe that our grantee partners and the communities that they serve are the most important drivers of change.
  • We believe that the Theory of Change of our grantee partners is more important than our own.
  • We believe that our Theory of Change must be grounded in Our Values and our Mission & Vision.
  • We believe that Climate Justice is a moral imperative and must be a driver in our Theory of Change.