“The Fifth Quarter truly warms our hearts! Your allyship and support are a much-needed blessing to our community and organization. Thank you so much for trusting in the vision of The Descendants Project.”

Jo Banner, Co-Founder & Co-Director for The Descendants Project

“Our members and partners in the Global South who are working on the harmful effects of international investment activities struggle to find relationships-first, trust-based funding. They disproportionately bear the adverse impacts of climate change, racism, and inequality and are often excluded from the resources they need to better lead movements for economic, social, and environmental justice. We look forward to connecting them with True Costs Initiative’s The Fifth Quarter program which is dedicated to supporting the work of BIPOC communities who have been pioneering intersectional approaches to demand climate justice and hold corporations accountable for their impact on peoples and the planet.”

Carmina Flores-Obanil, International Coordinator for Community Resource Exchange and Siddharth Akali, Director for Coalition for Human Rights in Development

“The Fifth Quarter Initiative provides much-needed support for groups to catalyze their ideas, and Hip Hop Caucus is grateful for partners that understand and act on the notion that racial justice and climate justice are inextricably linked.”

Lamar Gibson, Development Director for Hip Hop Caucus

“Lawyers for Civil Rights is deeply grateful for the amazing friendship, uplifting community, and powerful support we have received from TCI’s The Fifth Quarter. This vital support has fueled our life-changing legal and advocacy work on behalf of communities of color and immigrant communities.”

Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, Executive Director for Lawyers for Civil Rights

“The Fifth Quarter is just the kind of rule-bending thinking that philanthropy needs if we are to address the injustice of climate change with the urgency and innovation it deserves. TCI has long recognized that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, funding brave grassroots organizations confronting corporate power. The climate crisis urges this kind of support to BIPOC communities on the frontlines with greater speed and flexibility than ever before. TCI is throwing down and stepping up, at the right time in the right way, and I hope others in philanthropy follow their lead.”

Katie Redford, Executive Director for Equation Campaign