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Mining Watch Canada

MiningWatch Canada is an organization that works toward a world in which Indigenous peoples can effectively exercise their rights to self-determination, communities must consent before any mining activities may occur, and mineworkers are guaranteed safe and healthy conditions.

MiningWatch Canada is urgently pushing for a global moratorium on deep seabed mining, calling on Canadian parliamentarians to support the moratorium before irreparable harm is done to the Pacific Ocean. They are working with filmmakers to create informational videos, launched a new website to raise awareness, and are regularly speaking in the media and webinars about the potential impacts of mining in one of the most ecologically sensitive areas on the planet.

Miningwatch Canada is also working towards strengthening corporate accountability through mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence legislation in Canada, in an effort to help regulate corporate behaviour in the Global South. They are amplifying the voices of partners in Papua New Guinea seeking justice for human rights abuses caused by Canadian mining company Barrick Gold, and supporting communities in Argentina as they denounce toxic spills at another Barrick mine and call for the mine’s permanent closure.