“The Fifth Quarter Initiative provides much-needed support for groups to catalyze their ideas, and Hip Hop Caucus is grateful for partners that understand and act on the notion that racial justice and climate justice are inextricably linked.” – Lamar Gibson, Development Director for Hip Hop Caucus


See our Executive Director describe the inspiration for the Fifth Quarter, its origin story, and our approach with this Programming.

We believe that prioritizing Reparative & Climate Justice, Real Corporate Accountability, and Increasing Access to Resources will lead to transformative change. Supporting these priorities as a funder means being bold, flexible, and engaging in significant “unlearning within philanthropy”. Those who have been made most vulnerable to climate injustice, corporate abuse, and environmental degradation are consistently those with the least power to access and influence – Indigenous people, Black people, Latine communities, and People of Color. Intersectional approaches and solutions led by those most affected are the ones that work. With year-round support and permanent programming, we will support the intersectional solutions and work of those leaders and communities with our Fifth Quarter Programming, uninhibited by the confines of quarterly reporting and structures of philanthropy.


To help drive this change, our Fifth Quarter Program Supports the work of POC-led change agents who work at the intersection of: 

  • Holding Corporations Accountable
  • Protecting the Environment Through Law and Science
  • Advocating that Climate Justice is Racial Justice
  • Actively Addressing Disparities in Communities of Color
  • Focusing on Systems Change That Transcends National Boundaries
  • Highlighting the Resource Gaps & Systems of Oppression