Fifth Quarter Collaborative Efforts & Partnerships

Climate Legal Defense Network

In honor of The Fifth Quarter, Equation Campaign has committed an additional $25K in funding to legal organizations in Egypt and Uganda. Equation Campaign’s Climate Legal Defense Network sprang into action when 9 youth climate activists were jailed for peacefully protesting the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline in Uganda. They were able to immediately fast-track funds to ensure these brave young leaders have the best lawyers to defend them as they defend all our rights to a safe and healthy environment.

Opportunity Fund

Opportunity Fund awards grants to small to midsize arts organizations, and organizations and initiatives that advance social and economic justice.

Equation Campaign

The Equation Campaign supports the climate movement by funding resistance on the ground, diminishing the industry’s sources of financial support, making grants for strategic litigation and the legal defense of activists, and working to revoke the industry’s social license by countering its deception and unmasking its deceit.

Lawyers for Civil Rights

Lawyers for Civil Rights works with communities of color and immigrants to fight discrimination and foster equity through creative and courageous legal advocacy, education, and economic empowerment.

Ben and Jerry’s

Guided by their Core Values, Ben and Jerry’s seeks in all they do, at every level of their business, to advance human rights and dignity, support social and economic justice for historically marginalized communities, and protect and restore the Earth’s natural systems.