True Costs Initiative seeks a rebalancing of who bears the true social and environmental costs of business enterprise by advancing corporate accountability, ensuring strong legal systems, and prioritizing people, not profit. A critical part of that work includes seeding new ideas by investing in the next generation of scientists and legal advocates. Therefore, we are committed to supporting the work of scientists and legal advocates who are utilizing their knowledge to help protect human and environmental rights and aligning with public interest organizations that guide and amplify that work. Through our Fellowship Program we partner not only with Fellows themselves but with public interest and non-profit organizations in the environmental and human rights space who host, guide, train and support our talented Fellows.

To support our Fellows, we:

  • Administer the Fellowship Program 
  • Partner with existing public interest and non-profit organizations 
  • Recommend grants to host organizations for Fellows’ in-house mentorship and compensation
  • Share research, learning and other outputs from our Fellows with the wider human and environmental rights community
  • Provide thought leadership on the nexus between legal, scientific, and other technical expertise in the human rights space
  • Provide opportunities for Fellows to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their expertise all in service of affected communities

TCI Fellows are supported with a range of opportunities and access to resources via:

  • Mentorship opportunities within partner organizations and beyond
  • Relationship and knowledge-building with the TCI Team
  • Connections to TCI’s broader human & environmental rights network of partners
  • Technical expertise support 
  • Fellowship alumni network and relationship-building with alumni
  • Opportunities for features and further amplification of Fellows’ projects and work

Fellowships are provided by invitation only.

For questions about Fellowships, please email