Kennedy Mikula

Kennedy Mikula is the Deputy School Principal at The Women’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research (WISER) in Muhuru Bay, Kenya. He earned his undergraduate degree from Kenyatta University in Kenya and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in monitoring and evaluation at Maseno University in Kenya. During this NCSCE-TCI Fellowship, Kennedy is working with Judith Atito, also an NCSCE-TCI Fellow, to develop some small laboratory exercises for the WISER girls on water quality and chemistry. This could include contamination with microbes, fertilizer, insecticide, and heavy metals, etc. They hope this will enrich and support the current WISER science curriculum. This project will also provide funds for lab supplies, etc. for WISER to enhance science education related to water, with the goal of producing at least one education module/case study/lab exercise that can be used at WISER or other schools, as well as perhaps a module related to the challenges of access to clean water that can be shared with universities in the US.