True Costs Initiative seeks to increase corporate accountability and to strengthen legal systems in the Global South by driving collaboration among communities, funders, and creative leaders in an effort to tip the balance so corporations are held accountable for and internalize the true environmental and human costs of their actions.


Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability must transcend corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability programs and must prioritize protecting people and the environment from corporate-related abuses.

Strengthening Legal Systems

A robust legal system is predicated on justice for all and laws which are clear and fair. Strong legal systems in the Global South create the essential infrastructure for true corporate accountability.

Business & Human Rights

A corporation’s business footprint is inextricable from its social and environmental footprint. In order to advance corporate accountability we must develop strategies and solutions to protect the most vulnerable at the intersection of business and human rights.

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Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)

Because of TCI’s commitment to environmental justice in the Caribbean, we want to highlight the first constitutional climate case in the Caribbean filed by Guyanese citizens. This first case of its kind in the region has international significance on climate litigation and reflects the growing concern within Guyana on the multidimensional risks oil extraction poses.

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