Natural Justice

Natural Justice is a pan-African organisation that works across various programmes and initiatives throughout the continent. Its primary focus revolves around defending, promoting, and affirming the interconnectedness and profound relationship between Indigenous communities and the natural resources that a community may rely on.

Some highlights of Natural Justice’s work in the past year, within their programmes, have been defending environmental and cultural rights entrenched and enjoyed by the Indigenous community against two large energy companies, Shell and Total. Both Shell and Total have earmarked various hydrocarbon projects to extract oil offshore or on land. The work by Natural Justice consisted of providing legal support to the communities through its ‘litigation plus’ approach; drafting the legal and technical papers; working with experts in providing clear reports to be submitted before the court, community mobilisation, legal empowerment; being applicants in the two cases; and acting on behalf of the community’s interests.

Natural Justice has seen some positive outcomes in both these cases. In the Shell case, the various legal teams successfully got an interdict preventing Shell from continuing any activities until the court decides on the main hearing of the case. In the last couple of weeks, seven investors have pulled out of financing the Total project. This was due to a cumulative effort brought by many parties linked to the STOPEACOP campaign in which Natural Justice plays an integral part of).