Mamady Koivogui

Guinea | Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide: 2019-2020 

Mamady Koivogui and his NGO Association Mines San Pauvreté are working to ensure that the proposed construction of a railway between the Santou & Houda bauxite mines, the Port of Dapilon, and the proposed Mandiana Gold mining project do not threaten communities, ecosystems, and public health. Mamady and his team prepared and submitted a report and recommendations to the SMB (Project Company), the consultant, and the authorities. Their submission focused on improving the environmental and social management plan (ESMP) of the proposed railway construction project, with a focus on the project’s impacts on riparian communities.

With TCI’s support, Mamady and his team are building on his previous work to design a six-to-eight month advocacy program to assess the gold mining company’s compliance with its commitments to environmental protection and human rights. The process will engage all stakeholders, including the company, the government, local communities, NGOs, the media, among others. Mamady hopes that putting pressure on Société Minière de Mandiana will initiate remedy for the village and existing wildlife that would be negatively impacted by the proposed Mandiana Gold mining project.